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The actual agreement between Via Rail and the United Counties for the use of the abandoned railway is valid until 2020.  



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The Road Cycling Network

The Road Cycling Network offers you over 200 km of paved shoulders, as well as country roads where tranquility reigns.

The Cycl-O-Route

Showcasing the majestic Ottawa River, discover this beautiful part of the country through three cycling loops revealing enchanting and inviting cycling paths on both sides of the river. Partners in this project, the RCM of Argenteuil and of Papineau, Quebec, as well as the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, Ontario, are proud to present you the Cycl-O-Route.

The Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail


The Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail is the central axis of our cycling trails and the junction between the province of Quebec, the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area and the city of Ottawa, Ontario. The trail allows you to cycle the area from east to west without too much concern about car traffic. 

​It is important to plan your stops according to the surrounding villages for your supply of water and services.

The beginning of the trail  

The 72-km trail begins in the east, at kilometre 3, at the corner of Moore Street in St-Eugène and leads you to the west, to the villages of Vankleek Hill, Alfred, Plantagenet, Hammond and Bourget. In the west sector, it starts at the intersection of the trail and Canaan Road, near the village of Hammond.  (En français; Dans le secteur ouest, le sentier débute à l’intersection du sentier et du chemin Canaan, près du village d’Hammond. 


Accessing the trail

Along the trail, you will find five pavilions with parking, toilets and sheltered picnic tables. These pavilions are your access points to the trail.


St-Eugene Pavilion

In St-Eugène, from County Road 10, at 4865 Mills Street, drive over the trail and the parking lot is located on the right, at the end. A paved section about 2 kilometers on the trail extends from Mills Street East to Moore Street 


Vankleek Hill Pavilion

North of the village of Vankleek Hill at 5140 Route 34 between Borris Road and Happy Hollow Road. The parking is located on the west side of Highway 34. The paved section of about 2 kilometers on the trail, heading west from Highway 34 to Cassburn Road.


Plantagenet Pavilion

In Plantagenet, 647 County Road 9, south of Station Street. The paved section of the trail, of approximately 2 kilometres, heading westward, to County Road 9 to Highway 11.


Bourget Pavilion

In Bourget, from Champlain Street, take Lévis Street to the west. The parking lot is on your right, after the old station at 181 Lévis. The paved section of the trail of, approximately 2 km, extends between Champlain Street and Marcil Street.


Hammond Pavilion

In Hammond, west side, at 3270 Gendron Road, south of the village.

Users will also find 5 (five) small parking lots (without pavilion)

They are located (from east to west) at Cassburn Road (Vankleek Hill), Caledonia Springs Road (Alfred), Station Road (Alfred), County Road 2 (Cobb Lake, Bourget) and Drouin Road (Hammond).

Ottawa and its cycling network

It is in this particular location that the boundaries of the Prescott and Russell area and the city of Ottawa connect.  The trail continues to Anderson Road in Ottawa where you can link up to the Ottawa Cycle network.

  • Ottawa cycling network map

    • Refer to trail "N, Rail Trail & Winery Ride", click on link "Route Map URL" in the section "Montrer toutes les données" 

Sentier New York Central Fitness Trail

This 7.2-km paved trail joins the villages of Embrun and Russell. 


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