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The actual agreement between Via Rail and the United Counties for the use of the abandoned railway is valid until 2020.  



613.675.4661, ext. 8109

59 Court Street

L'Orignal, Ontario

2019 Events

Each recreational bike ride is fully supported by experienced cyclists and a service vehicle.   


PREREQUISITES  Participants maintain a cruising speed varying from 15 to 20 km/h and over a distance of about 40 km.


It is to your advantage to reserve your place.

Ice Cream Bike Ride


Date: May 4th, 2019

Start time: 5 p.m.

Distance: 40 km

Wine and Cheese Bike Ride


Date: June 2nd , 2019  

Start time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Distance: 48 km

Cost: $35

Recreational Trail Bike Ride


Date: August 17th -18th, 2019  

Distance: 124 km

Cost: $100

Registration by: July 6th, 2019  

Vankleek Hill Food Fair Bike Ride

Date: September 8th , 2019  

Start time: 9 a.m.

Distance: 48 km

Eastern Ontario Active Transportation Summit


Date: June 13th, 2019 

Location: Long Sault, Ontario

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